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Yacht Service – Tequesta, FL

Yacht Service Professionals in Tequesta, FL

Yacht Service LLC is your community professional when it comes to fixing anything having to do with yachts in Tequesta, FL. The owner of Yacht Service, LLC, Paul Stalter, has over three decades of experience in the yachting industry. If you want to enjoy your yacht trouble-free, be sure to schedule routine, expert yacht maintenance.

From Stern Thrusters to Mechanical Maintenance, We Have You Covered!

There’s nothing worse than a few days of family time on the yacht ruined by an issue that could have been prevented. How do you avoid many problems you have with your yacht? The best way is with professional yacht service and maintenance.

Consider us as your one stop shop for all things related to yachting in Tequesta, FL. We are available for consulting on long term jobs, in addition to emergency service. Our goal is to help get you back on the water with little time wasted! No matter what your yacht needs, whether it be exterior teak or new yacht stabilizers in Tequesta, FL, we’re here to help.

We Service the Tequesta, FL Area

Our company has solutions for just about any yacht dilemma. Don’t squander away time that could be spent back on the water trying to find emergency yacht service in Tequesta, FL. Keep our name handy for whenever you have a problem. Be certain your first and only call is to Yacht Service, LLC in Tequesta, FL! Some of the items we work on include:

  • Yacht air conditioning repairs in Tequesta, FL
  • Bow and stern thrusters repairs in Tequesta, FL
  • Tequest, FL exterior teak
  • Tequesta, FL haul out services
  • Yacht hydraulics repair in Tequesta, FL
  • Yacht inspections in Tequesta, FL
  • Tequesta, FL yacht interior cleaning and provisioning
  • Tequesta, FL yacht mechanical repairs
  • Yacht project management repairs in Tequesta, FL
  • Yacht welding and fabrication in Tequesta, FL
  • Tequesta, FL yacht stabilizers

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